Every individual has a shifting relationship with the faith in their life. Even those with a deep tie to their religion will find that it’s not rigid. A personal relationship can grow over time, and take on forms that might seem different or strange at first. As such, it shouldn’t be a surprise that, at times, you might feel like you don’t have as complete a relationship with your faith as you might want. When that’s the case, what should you do about it? Here are a few ways that you might be able to bring the connection that you’re craving.

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Support your religious community from within it

If you feel that you have a strong conviction in your religion, then it could be your responsibility to share it with others in your community by supporting that community, especially in your church or faith group. Finding the strength of faith you have can be difficult for others to do it personally, as it can often come from family upbringing, in response to adversity, or through other personal means. It can also happen, however, by getting your church involved in your community. Even working to build better ties with those inside your community, such as by running community events, organizing their resources, or providing what assistance you can, can help you feel like you’re living your purpose as a member of the church.

Get into talking about it

There are all kinds of faith, and you might believe with your whole body and your heart, but how often does it feel like you believe with all your mind? An intellectual connection with faith does not mean forgoing your emotional and spiritual connection and it doesn’t mean giving up the “faith like a child” that we preach about so often. Taking steps like finding an online Christian community that gets deep into the various topics of faith that we find most challenging can not only be invigorating but also helps you get a more nuanced and well-balanced understanding of your faith. This can make it easier to preach it and to answer questions about it.

Taking a leadership role in your religious community

If you feel that you have the qualities to become a leader, then dedicating your and your time to the church and your faith can be a very worthwhile pursuit. Whether it’s pursuing ministry and modeling an example of Christian behavior or otherwise, it can be one of the best ways to directly help your faith. Aside from helping others learn more about your faith, you will find out more about it yourself as you teach, and feel better equipped to advance God’s kingdom in your ministry and your contributions to the community. 

Of course, the examples above are not the only ways that you can better build a relationship with your faith. Living out your beliefs in the wider community, ensuring you raise your children in the faith, and other options are also out there. The suggestions above might be able to help you find a path that works for you, however.

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