Getting back into dating can be challenging. If you’ve taken a break from the dating scene, it can be daunting to even think about going on a first date. In this guide, we’ll offer some handy tips to help you ease yourself back into dating. 

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Socialize with friends

If the idea of going out one-on-one with somebody you’ve never met before makes you anxious, it’s a great idea to socialize with friends and try to meet new people in a group setting. You can ask friends to bring single friends or colleagues along to dinner or attend events or take part in activities together. Being around others can take the pressure off and it can also be fun. 

Look for fun dating events

It’s not always easy to meet new people in this day and age. If you’re struggling to strike up friendships or make connections, look for fun dating events, such as speed dating or singles parties. You can attend alone or take friends or work colleagues with you. Speed dating is a brilliant way to meet lots of people in a short space of time and it can help you to build confidence if you haven’t been on a date for months or years.

Talk before you meet

Meeting people in the flesh can be scary if you’ve taken a long break from the dating scene. If you’re apprehensive about going out to dinner or going to see a movie, why not get to know people over the phone or online before you meet in person? You can find out more about your date and discuss common ground and then decide whether or not you want to pursue things and set a date to get together. 


If you haven’t dated for a long time, it’s natural to feel nervous, but try to avoid putting pressure on yourself. Try to relax before you go on dates and enjoy yourself. Don’t stress if it doesn’t go to plan, or you don’t meet the perfect partner at the first time of asking. You can learn from every date, even the ones you can’t wait to end. Many people find love or form long-lasting, meaningful relationships when they’re not actively looking. Manage your expectations, stay calm and try to have fun.

Try new things

When we talk about dating, most of us conjure up images of going out to dinner or having a drink at a swanky bar. Meeting new people doesn’t have to involve setting a date and following a template. There are so many ways to expand your social circle. Try new things and take up new hobbies. From singing in a choir and learning a language to joining a sports club or taking dance or cooking classes, there are myriad ways to forge new relationships. 

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Dating can be a daunting proposition when you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, or you haven’t been on a date for years. If you’re ready to ease back into dating, take these tips on board.

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