Every parent wants to encourage their kids to learn, but it’s not always easy to make learning fun. In this guide, we’ll provide some handy tips and tricks to help you make the most of family time and encourage your kids to enjoy their education. 

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Vary learning activities

Today, there are all kinds of learning and teaching techniques. Gone are the days of reading books and taking notes for hours on end. Now, traditional methods are supplemented and complemented by online activities, interactive resources and practical experiences. Varying activities can help children to concentrate for longer and make learning more fun. It can also improve information retention and offer different ways to learn for children who respond better to practical sessions. Take a look at online resources and platforms like ABCmouse and combine reading and writing with educational play. Try to include a range of different activities to keep your kids interested and ask them for feedback. They may enjoy some types of activities more than others or they may find that one technique is better for them than another. 

Get out and about

Doing homework and assignments in the same place at the same time every day can get boring. If you’re looking to educate your kids at home, or you want to supplement learning at school, it’s an excellent idea to get out and about. Go outdoors, explore different environments and settings and enjoy a change of scenery. It’s particularly beneficial to take inspiration from your child’s classes to discover new places and get out of the house. If your children are learning about animal habitats, trees or plants, for example, why not plan a nature walk or a science-themed treasure hunt? 

Learn through play

Children learn through play from being tiny. Babies develop skills and knowledge through playing with toys, interacting with their parents and observing the world around them. As children grow, you can continue to use play to educate them and expand their knowledge base. Use games, online activities, quizzes and creative hobbies to teach your child while encouraging them to have lots of fun along the way. From board games, card games and active pursuits to child-friendly online games and quizzes about books, animals, plants, history and math, it’s possible to make learning accessible and enjoyable. You can also use activities such as role-play to help your kids learn. A good example is a pop-up store with a counter and pretend products to help with counting. If you’re short on ideas, use search engines to find websites and connect with other parents via forums and social media. You can share ideas and links, read reviews and discover new resources. 

Every parent wants their child to enjoy learning, but it’s not always easy to make learning fun. Kids have a short attention span and most parents are familiar with complaints about being bored. If you’re eager to encourage your kids to learn at home, it’s a great idea to try to make it as fun as possible. Take these tips on board to discover new activities and experiences and make the most of the quality time you have together.

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