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The state of flow can be described as a state of relaxed concentration; it can also be described as a state of joyful awareness. When you engage in an interest of passion, the flow state is what you’re looking for; it’s where you get enjoyment from. Here are some ideal flow state activities.  

Yoga Practice 

There is no better way to start the day than with a yoga routine. Yoga is gentle, energizing, and excellent for the body’s flexibility; it is also the perfect way to enter a state of flow and enjoy the morning the way it should be enjoyed. Forget about rushing to complete your morning tasks. 

Yoga is for everyone; it doesn’t matter what age or stage you are at. When you start yoga for the first time, you might be a little off-balance and out of practice, but don’t let that stop you. Even a gentle routine will help you to feel the benefits of the practice and set you up for the day ahead.    


Swimming gives you a full-body workout without any pressure on your knees and ankles; feel completely supported by the water as you bring your awareness to your gentle strokes and controlled breathing. Swimming is one of the loveliest ways to enter the flow state and benefit. 

If you like the idea of entering the flow state through swimming, you can visit your local swimming pool. Quiet times are best, and you can enjoy a clean pool with no surprises. Alternatively, you can visit a wild swimming site – a lake or an ocean – for a natural swim.   

Bike Rides

Biking is another fun way to enter the flow state, get some exercise, and find your way to an interesting destination. Whether you are on your own or with another person, biking is an excellent way to enter the flow state. Start by concentrating on the movement of the pedals. 

Pay attention to the gears you are using and the gradient of the road. Sometimes it’s better to keep your pedalling easier, allowing you to access and maintain the state of flow that comes with light concentration. Eventually, you reach your destination and can enjoy hanging out.   


If you’re feeling less energetic but you still want to access a state of flow, gardening is a lovely alternative. Gardening is a creative and interesting activity. Discover your inner harmony by tilling the soil and choosing lovely plants and flowers for the season and enjoy your garden.

If you want to enter the flow state more quickly when gardening, pay close attention to your actions at every moment. You can also bring attention to your breathing and awareness of your surroundings at the same time. Use all of your senses to inhabit the present moment fully.    

Creative Writing 

Creative writing is another excellent way to enter the flow state and explore your creativity at the same time. Some people come to creative writing with an idea of what their writing should be like. It might come from books they have read as well as their personal expectations for writing. 

If you want to use writing to enter the flow state, you need to abandon all of your ambitions and aspirations for writing. A great way to support your creative writing practice is to use word puzzles to sharpen your mind and improve your vocabulary. A jumble solver can help you out. 


Like writing, reading is a way to focus your attention and enter the flow state. When reading, it is always a good idea to engage your imagination so that you inhabit the imaginary world fully and you aren’t simply reading words on a page. This enjoyment is a form of entering the flow state.

If you struggle to engage your imagination, or you want an easier way to enter flow through reading, choose a book you have read already. Reading a book once again allows you to take the effort out of reading. It simply focuses your mind on a process allowing you to drift more.  


If you like gardening, you might also like cooking; the two processes are very similar and an excellent way to enter the state of flow. Like gardening and cycling, you also get something in the end, a lovely cooked meal that you can enjoy with your family while maintaining the joy. 

Don’t worry if you are new to cooking; simply choose something simple to make. Making something simple is also a nice way to enter flow because you benefit from relaxed concentration without the stress of timing the oven or juggling many processes at once. 

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