Juggling a busy adult life and caring for your aging parents can seem challenging, especially if they live a far distance from you. While it may seem easy to hire a caregiver, you may be unable to afford that luxury. This means their care is in your hands. If you have been wondering how to take care of your aging parents and ensure they are happy and safe, here are four helpful tips. 

  1. Know their health issues 

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Old age usually comes with many ailments or diseases like hearing loss, vision problems, and physical incapabilities. It is important to know your parent’s health status so you can provide the needed support. For instance, if they have developed hearing loss, you will need to adjust your home environment to accommodate the change and make them comfortable. You will also need to accompany them to their hearing appointments and help them choose the best hearing aids for their condition. Also, if your parents have been diagnosed with a long-term disease, you must assist them with their medication and ensure they follow their doctor’s orders. 

  1. Think about their social life 

It is necessary to keep your parents socially active to reduce depression or loneliness. Having a social life can also stimulate their mood, enhance brain health and provide emotional support. To help them cope with the loss of Independence due to age-related complications, you can set them up with a professional caregiver or a neighbor, find a senior event or class nearby, or take them out on a walk when you have time. This will keep them flexible and strong and improve their overall well-being. 

  1. Be concerned about their safety 

Whether your old parents live with you or alone, prioritizing their safety is vital. You can consider installing device systems like alarms to protect them from burglary or theft. Also, other systems like fall detection devices can help alert you whenever they fall or have an accident. If your parent is moving in with you, consider installing bars and railings to help with their balance, extra lights to help with their vision, and ramps if they use a wheelchair. It would be best to move them to the ground floor so they can avoid the stairs. Remember to hire a part-time caretaker if you can’t be with them all the time. This will ensure that someone can assist them and shield them from danger. 

  1. Spend quality time with them 

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Spending quality time with your aging parents can help them feel joyful and purposeful. It can also make them feel connected to you. Consider scheduling time to speak to them on the phone or facetime if they live far. You can also send your children or family to spend holidays and weekends. Or you can spend a quiet evening reminiscing or reviewing old photo albums. Most importantly, find out what activities they enjoy and participate in them. 

Taking care of your parents includes paying attention to the little things and having their best interests at heart. By following these tips, you can keep them fulfilled and at ease. 

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