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You can feel like a stranger on your own property if you don’t make your house feel homey. And spring is a great time to give it a makeover as you welcome it in a fresh, new season. You can do this any time, of course. But it makes sense to redecorate at the same time you spring clean.

Make Better Use of the Light

Light is among the best things for making your house more inviting. Gracing your home with natural sunlight boosts your mood, cleans your home, and helps you stay warmer. You can do this in many ways, such as an open plan renovation, installing new and larger windows, or finding the best patio doors to open up some more functional space. However, always see an expert about this before you go knocking down walls that could be hiding wires or supports.

Bring in Some Plants, Of Course

To complement your home’s natural light and make more use of it, you can use springtime to add some fresh and natural decor to your home. And there’s nothing that does this better than plants. Plants love spring because there’s much more sunlight and an abundance of rain. But you can bring some plants indoors, such as spider plants, peace lilies, and snake plants. Of course, you can also opt for popular indoor plants like Croton, lucky bamboo, and Anthurium.

Make Your House Feel Homey with Seasonal Colors

Plants are amazing for adding some seasonal freshness to your home. Yet these mostly add greenery, albeit in various shades. But you can also enhance your decor with seasonal colors. You can add the seasonal colors of spring with redecorating, of course. And some of these include oranges, yellows, and even pinks. But you can elevate these by adding natural elements of spring, such as real or silk flowers like primrose, snowdrops, and of course, daffodils.

How About Fresh Scents Too?

Seasonal changes don’t only apply to what we can see. There are also the uplifting fragrances of spring. Freshly cut grass is a great one. But some natural scents of the seasons of life include citrus, lavender, and rose. You can add some of these around your home naturally, which is best. But, of course, you can also use diffusers, scented candles, and plug-in air fresheners. However, it is also recommended you open your windows and let in some fresh spring air.

Add Your Own Personality

A house can never be a home without your personal touches. Without stamping your personal style and little things, it is essentially a shell. Personal touches include how you decorate your home. And you should do this how you want it. But it also means adding things from your life. These include family photos, inherited furniture and trinkets, and even making structural changes if you don’t like the style. This will help make your home more inviting and homely.


There are many things you can do to make your house feel homey. And spring is a great time to do it by using light around your house, adding seasonal colors, and stamping your personality.

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