Partner Post: Scientific Reasons Kids Are Never Too Old To Hold Hands

“Mom, get off. It’s embarrassing!” Nothing is as upsetting to a kid than their mother trying to show affection. Every time it happens, they react as if you’ve done something horrible. All you want to do is hold their hand and show them you care. All they want to do is be independent and avoid the tag of mommy’s boy or girl. It’s easy to let them get their way such is the fuss they kick up about … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Fun in the Sun: Keeping Kids Occupied in the Summer Holidays!

The summer holidays are a great time to have quality bonding time with your children. When they spend so much of their lives at school, the holidays give you all a chance to have fun, relax and enjoy the warm weather. Here are some of the ways you can make the most of the time you have. image Plan for the main days Chances are you will have a couple of main activities that you want to … [Read more...]

Partner Post: So Your Child Wants A Puppy? Research Is Key!

The benefits of children and dogs growing up together are immense and the experience offers many positive aspects with regards to a child’s physical and psychological development. Introducing a dog to your family is not to be taken lightly and a lot of preparation and research is required beforehand. Unfortunately there are many rescue centres filled with unwanted dogs. Choosing the right dog for … [Read more...]