Partner Post: 6 Positive Methods Of Building Confidence In Your Teen

Pexels One might say that the most important job a parent has is to help a child develop confidence. Of course, this might not be as important as clothing, shelter and emotionally nurturing a child. However, if the effort to prepare them for life, it’s absolutely going to be a priority. Teenagers are often the most insecure and unsure of themselves as they stand on the border between two … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Four Simple Ways To Keep Your Baby Comfy This Summer

Some people absolutely despise the summer months, whereas others despise the cold. The seasons can change the way our skin and bodies react and it’s no different for our children. Babies are sensitive little creatures, and when the weather turns and becomes cold, we do everything that we can to keep them warm and comfortable. It’s the exact same for the summer months; the heat can affect your baby … [Read more...]

Autism Awareness Month Book Review: Stewie Boom! and Princess Penelope

It is autism awareness month and many of us with children on the spectrum are being intentional about teaching others and creating opportunities for our little ones to share their stories. That’s why when the opportunity to review a new book helping children to understand autism, I jumped at the chance, and I was not disappointed. Stewie Boom! and Princess Penelope: Handprints, Snowflakes and … [Read more...]