Partner Post: Health Symptoms that you Should Never Ignore

If you are fit and healthy then you may think that you are invincible. You may feel as though nothing bad could ever happen to you and this is because you take such good care of yourself. It is important to know however that sometimes, things happen and if you don’t get it checked out then this can lead to more health complications later down the line. Toothache Sure, you might have … [Read more...]

Partner Post: 3 Things To Remember When Your Parent Has Alzheimer’s

Our parents are our rock. It is from them that we learned the fundamental life lessons that have carried us into (hopefully) a healthy, happy and productive adulthood. Although we took them for granted in our younger years (what kid doesn’t) as we grew older and wiser we became more and more cognizant of the sacrifices that they have made for us and the hard work that they put in to shape us into … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Dressing More Naturally & Down To Earth

Source Let us start this article by confirming that you are free to wear whatever you feel the most confident in. Thinking you need to wear designer brands or the most perfectly tailored or color-matched clothing is a quick way to feel completely neurotic about how you look. Your clothing is there to keep you warm of course, but also to help you feel like yourself, to express how you feel, and … [Read more...]