Partner Post: Four Simple Ways To Keep Your Baby Comfy This Summer

Some people absolutely despise the summer months, whereas others despise the cold. The seasons can change the way our skin and bodies react and it’s no different for our children. Babies are sensitive little creatures, and when the weather turns and becomes cold, we do everything that we can to keep them warm and comfortable. It’s the exact same for the summer months; the heat can affect your baby … [Read more...]

What to Look for When Choosing an OBGYN

There is an awful story circulating on Facebook about a young mother who lost her first child because of her doctor’s negligence. It’s a heartbreaking story because the baby was healthy throughout the pregnancy and the mother made it to full term. However, allegedly, because of the doctor’s poor decisions, the baby died during the delivery. This story reminded me of the horrible OBGYN … [Read more...]

(VIDEO) Sit, Turn and Scoot: Teach Your Toddler How to Go Down Stairs

There’s a video circulating on the internet of a baby in a pool who learned how to turn herself over and float. The video encourages parents to introduce their children to swimming as a means to prevent accidental drowning deaths. It’s a great idea! Well, I think parents should do the same for staircases. Staircases can be just as deadly as swimming pools. Pediatrics, the official journal of the … [Read more...]