A Back-to-School Prayer

My little ones start school next week, and I, like many parents, are filled with trepidation. My youngest starts Kindergarten, and I’m praying she can adjust to school and will be emotionally strong enough and wise enough to deal with students and teachers. I do my best to equip them to handle people and certain situations, but I’m always concerned if they’ll be able to stand firm in their beliefs … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Keeping Your Kids Healthy This New School Year

If your children are yet to go back to school, then they soon will be. And while school is a great place for them to be, it can also be a breeding ground for germs as they come into contact with people from all different walks of life. Our kids can be in such close proximity to others that they are likely to transfer germs from one to another, and then bring them into the home. So as you’re … [Read more...]

Product Review for Back to School: Miss Zee African-American Book Bag

I first learned about Miss Zee from Facebook. I saw an advertisement of one of the book bags, and I always wanted to purchase one. Miss Zee sells book bags, decor and stationary with African-American characters on them. Now that my youngest is going to kindergarten in September, I decided to give Miss Zee a try. Well, my daughter's book bag arrived in the mail last week, and I'm in love. I am … [Read more...]