The Only Thing You Need To Know

I love the Internet or the “Information Highway” as some may call it. I love the fact that with one click of the mouse and with a few key strokes you can quickly find information on just about anything. I search several topics every day. I look for ways to improve the air quality in my home. I search for ways to teach my son to speak. I search for ways to save money and shop smarter. I love the … [Read more...]

The Art of Being Still

In today’s fast-paced society, it is extremely difficult to be still. Even more so when you’re a working mom like myself juggling responsibilities at home and in the office. The constant flow of information into our homes also makes it difficult. If we’re not plugged in via the computer, then it’s the cell phone or the television. We are bombarded by information 24/7 which makes it challenging for … [Read more...]