Entering a Season of Transformation: Lessons from the Butterfly

“What you have done is put aside your old self with its past deeds and put on a new self, one that grows in knowledge as it is formed anew in the image of its Creator.”—Colossians 3:9b-10 These cocoons are everywhere right in Maryland. I don’t know about you, but the Lord has been showing me that we are entering a season of transformation – at least I am. My pastor even confirmed what the … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Embracing The New!

Any parent that is choosing to uproot their life and move to a new location doesn’t do it lightly. It’s a nice idea that you can move from one place to another as you please, but when you have children to consider it becomes far more complicated. It’s not because children get in the way during the move, though they do tend to do that, it’s just that trying to coordinate all the different jobs that … [Read more...]