Parents, Your Words Matter

We can build up our children or tear them down with our words. This blog post comes with a confession. I like trash TV. I watch reality TV religiously. One show my husband introduced me to (I blame him 😊) is “Black Ink Crew.” I watch the New York version and the Chicago show. The show follows the lives of tattoo artists. I’ve followed the show for a few years now and have grown familiar … [Read more...]

Face-to-Face with Your Abuser

Disclaimer: This post is to help someone else. I am OK. The incident took place more than 20 years ago. The people closest to me know and have been supportive. I don’t readily share every element of my testimony because “church folk” can’t handle it. If you go to my church, please don’t pull me aside to “counsel” me about this siutation. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. We are all “wounded … [Read more...]

Biblical Discipline or Abuse: Spare the Rod?

This week another video surfaced of a parent “disciplining” their child. Apparently, the boy posted false information on his Facebook page, his mother found out, and she proceeded to beat him more than 60 times with a belt (View the story). They videotaped the punishment and posted it on Facebook. Thankfully, the police quickly intervened and have since removed all children from the home. It … [Read more...]