Sermon Preparation with a Baby

All working mothers know that you have to find new ways of doing things once you have a baby. Mommy Ministers are no different. This week I’ve been in a tug-and-war with K as I’ve been preparing my sermon for Sunday. Whenever I open my laptop and start to work, K throws himself into my lap and demands my undivided attention or he just slams my laptop shut as an overt sign that it’s time for mommy … [Read more...]

Where’s the Beef, er uh Ministry?

For several months, I have not posted about any of my ministerial endeavors, and you’re probably wondering, “Where’s the ministry?” Well, here’s my ministerial update. I’m still actively serving at my church. I’m an Itinerant Elder in an A.M.E. Church, but I’ve dialed back my involvements since having K. I serve in the pulpit once a month and I’ve taken a hiatus from visiting the sick and shut in. … [Read more...]

Mommy Ministers I Admire: Bishop Vashti McKenzie

Photo courtesy of 13th Episcopal District Website of AME ChurchWhat better way to start my “Mommy Ministers I Admire” section than with Bishop Vashti McKenzie. If you don’t know who Bishop McKenzie is, she is the first female bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. After 200 years of a male dominated institution, she shattered the glass ceiling when she was elected and consecrated the … [Read more...]