Teaching Children Inclusion

Last week my son had a horrible time in school. He’s been extremely frustrated because other children don’t include him in basketball and soccer during recess. My son is highly functioning autistic, and for many years he didn’t care if other children wanted to play with him. Most of the time, he wandered around by himself in his own world. Now, he’s reached a point where he wants to be included, … [Read more...]

The Terrible Twos

My son is entering a new phase. It’s a phase that many call the “Terrible Twos”. I have no idea how my son got to this phase being that he’s only 16 months old. But somehow he’s learned that if he arches his back when I try to pick him up or throws himself down on the floor and cries, then he can get us to do whatever he wants. Now, maybe we are part to blame. He’s our first and only child and we … [Read more...]