Partner Post: Is It Time To Step Up Your Relationship?

As we approach the end of the year, it’s understandable that our minds are wandering to the new year ahead. You might be making those all-important new year’s resolutions or even just making plans or setting yourself goals. Something that could be on your mind is your relationship. Many people in long-term relationships start to consider their future and what they might do going forward. Perhaps … [Read more...]

Relationship CPR

“How did you know your husband was the one?” is the most common question singles ask me. It seems like people don’t know how to recognize the person God has for them. Well, to help with your search, I’ve come up with a few ways you can recognize “the one.” It’s called “Relationship CPR.” It will either reinvigorate your search or current relationship, or it will kill it. Just label the … [Read more...]