Partner Post: 3 Home Improvement Projects To DIY (And 2 You Shouldn’t)

Source There’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t belong in your own home, which is why it’s important that you do what you can to put your own stamp on the place and show off some personality. Thankfully, with patience, some basic tools, and a bit of know-how, there are plenty of home improvement projects that you can DIY. That being said, there are many that aren’t as simple and can cost … [Read more...]

Partner Post: DIY Disasters You Will Want To Avoid

You can be going about your day or week seemingly unaware that a home disaster is about to strike. Sure, it always happens when you least expect it, right? However, it can often be completely unavoidable if you take the right precautions or prepare your home. But sometimes things just do go wrong, so how do you avoid or rectify the common household disasters we can all face? I thought I would … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Even Veteran DIY Janes Shouldn’t Attempt These Fixes

If there’s a combination of words that every woman with a penchant and talent for DIY hates it’s “get a man in”. Aside from the obvious gender bias, we don’t like the idea of relying on others for help. DIY fixes and hacks may have once been a tradition passed from father to son, but DIY is just one of the many things that has been democratized by the digital domain. No longer are we reliant upon … [Read more...]