Partner Post: How to Tell if You and Your Family are Getting Enough Sleep

Looking after your family is probably very high on your priority list. You need to make sure that everyone is happy and healthy, not to mention that you also need to make sure that they are being given the support that they need to really excel in everything they do. The main problem that a lot of people experience when they lead busy lives is not enough sleep, but unfortunately, the people who … [Read more...]

My Favorite Photo

I've taken so many photos of K since he's been born, but this one is my favorite. I took this picture during a week when he was sick with an ear infection. He'd been crying all night long and wouldn't calm down unless I put him in the bed with us. Once I put him in our bed, he fell right to sleep. I snapped this picture while my husband and K were sleeping. I love the smile on K's face. True … [Read more...]

Wonderful Weekend

So many things happened this weekend. First, K stayed overnight at his grandmother’s for the first time for two and a half days while my husband and I went on a church marriage retreat. He did great! He didn’t have any crying fits. He did stay up all night the first night, which had me concerned. We did alright too. The first day was hard for me because I didn’t want K to think that we abandoned … [Read more...]