Partner Post: Garden Subtractions: Rid Yourself Of 4 Unwanted Intruders

As we have discussed before, there are a number of healthy additions to your garden that you may want to consider. However, there is another side of the gardening coin to consider, and it’s one we’re going to focus on today: the elements of your garden that you may want to subtract. No matter how dedicated a gardener you are, there will always be unwanted issues in your garden. Below, we’ll … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Looking For Happiness? Get In The Garden

If you feel as though you’re struggling to pick yourself up at the minute, as though the world might be against you, then it’s time you did something about it. So many people spend their time moping around, and doing nothing about it. We get why life might get you down, and we get why you might have so many different stresses hitting you from all angels. But, whilst the sun in shining, and the … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Take Charge for a Better Home Right Now

There are a lot of considerations you need to make when it comes time to look after your home, and it is important that you get this right. You have to make sure you are in control of the home, and that you take charge of it because this is how you can work toward a healthier and happier home. Taking charge of your home is all about owning your responsibility, and knowing when to make the right … [Read more...]