What Do These Stones Mean?

At my job, we have a new interim dean, except he’s not new. He’s been at the school for years. In fact, this is his third stint as dean. And because it is my role to support the dean, he and I have had many conversations about what we would like to do in our department. A concept that keeps coming up over and over again in our conversations is the idea of institutional knowledge. My new temporary … [Read more...]

Supernatural Power

Our society is fascinated with superheroes.  So much so, there are tons of movies that focus on a superhero.  There are all of the Superman movies and versions of Batman.  There are The Green Hornet, Hancock, X-Men, I Am Number 4, and the list can go on and on.  The notion of a superhero even permeates that way we feel about ourselves.  We believe we are men and women of steel.  We’re invincible.  … [Read more...]