Coming Back To Love After A Long Time

Pexels - CC0 License Romantic love can be one of the most fickle that we experience, perhaps due to the fact that it is so strong. Familial love and platonic love may be considered forgiving forms of love, as often, they expect much less from the other party than in a romantic relationship. However, that being said, it’s still perfectly possible to make a relationship work, and to fall in love … [Read more...]

Partner Post: 4 Romantic Ideas For A Perfect First Date

If you have recently been introduced to someone, who you are feeling a little bit smitten with, you will want to ensure any potential first date is sure to impress. First impressions count, so everything from the type of date and how you look needs to be perfect. If you are left with decision on how to spend a first date, try to be a little creative and avoid the cliche cinema trip at all costs! … [Read more...]

Interceding for Your Neighbor

We live in a neighborhood where people pretty much keep to themselves. After almost two years of living in our house, we’ve probably only spoken in depth to three of our neighbors. Sadly, we still don’t even know their names. A few months ago, the neighbor who lives on the left of our house came over and said that we needed to get our fence fixed. This surprised us because we assumed the fence … [Read more...]