Partner Post: When Should You Take Your Child To The Emergency Room?

As a parent, you’re going to panic every time your child shows even the slightest symptoms of illness. It’s a natural reaction and you’re not going to stop yourself from worrying but it’s important that you understand that not every illness is life threatening. If you start taking your child to the emergency room every time they sneeze, you’re going to have some pretty big medical bills to deal … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Urgent but Not an Emergency – Medical Incidents to Prepare For

Not every medical problem is an emergency. Some might need to be addressed as soon as possible, but no one is going to die in the meantime. When you have children, any medical issue can feel as worse as the next one, but the reality is that many are relatively minor. Preparing for some of these problems can help you to deal with them sensibly, and perhaps avoid either an unnecessary emergency room … [Read more...]