Partner Post: The Most Wonderful Things About Parenting

Being a parent rocks! Most of the time, anyway. Admittedly, there are the downsides… *The screaming tantrums (no matter how old our children are), * The worries that come when they are feeling unwell, * The dirty diapers, * The endless demands of "I want"... But they are always, ALWAYS offset by the many wonderful things about parenting. It's a joy, most of the time, despite the … [Read more...]

Partner Post: What Really Makes For Happy Kids?

It’s something that all parents will find themselves worrying about at some point or another, and probably quite frequently too, and yet there does nto ever seem to be a cut and dry answer to the question. If you find yourself wondering what really makes your children truly happy, then the truth is that it is a whole league of different elements working together in perfect harmony. As a parent, … [Read more...]

Book Review: Simone Visits the Museum

So, I stumbled upon this great children's book this weekend. After church on Sunday, I went to one of my favorite local restaurants, Franklin's, and I stopped in their general store after we ate, and I found this gem, Simone Visits the Museum by Dr. Kelsi Bracmort. It grabbed my attention because the characters are African American, and the book has awesome illustrations. I always make it a point … [Read more...]