Encouraging the Right Habits in Your Children

Image Source Bringing up your children isn’t easy, and no matter how much experience you have, they are always there to throw a curveball your way. You can make raising your kids easier on yourself and them, though, by encouraging and modeling excellent habits that will put them in excellent stead for the future. There are many things that parents fret over when trying to be the perfect parent, … [Read more...]

Partner Post: From A Baby To A Toddler

When you brought your baby home from the hospital, it’s very likely that you had a nursery all set up and ready knowing that they wouldn’t be using it until they turned six months old. Once your child grows into a toddler, their bedroom needs will change again. It may feel bittersweet to let go of the old cot mobile and ABC stencils, but this next step for your child is just as big for them as it … [Read more...]

Partner Post: 29 Parent Worries (And The Solutions)

Image source When you become a parent, something weird happens to you and your liberal carefree attitude. Once upon a time, before kids entered into our existence, we were all like, “strangers are just friends we haven’t made yet.” It’s the best outlook to have. But this all changed and now we’re the kind of people who have no issue shouting, “get away from my child! Don’t make me get the taser … [Read more...]