Partner Post: Scientific Reasons Kids Are Never Too Old To Hold Hands

“Mom, get off. It’s embarrassing!” Nothing is as upsetting to a kid than their mother trying to show affection. Every time it happens, they react as if you’ve done something horrible. All you want to do is hold their hand and show them you care. All they want to do is be independent and avoid the tag of mommy’s boy or girl. It’s easy to let them get their way such is the fuss they kick up about … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Improve the Nutrition of Your Entire Family

Image source Children learn by example, and what they are taught at an early age sticks with them for the rest of their lives. This particularly applies to eating habits, and you should establish healthy eating for the whole family from an early age. That is not to say the children should never have a sweet treat, as total deprivation can create a feeling of resentment and make them turn to them … [Read more...]

Partner Post: How to Perfect Your Family’s Healthy Eating Habits

Having a happy and healthy family has always been extremely important to you. You do your best every single day to try out new homemade recipes and encourage your little ones to make good choices for their body. It can become exhausting when you have so many different things to think about, especially when you are the one in charge of cooking the meals. Now it is time to make your life that little … [Read more...]