Partner Post: The Renovation Stress Test: How To Beat The Pressure

A renovation project is a necessary evil. For homeowners selling their property, it adds value and increases the selling price. Or, for the ones staying put, it makes living there that touch more comfortable. A home is a castle so it should be incredibly welcoming. In the beginning, knocking down walls and fitting new flooring never seems too daunting. Once the work begins and there are delays, … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Which Home Upgrades Are Actually Worth Making?

Every homeowner wants to create a better home environment for their families to grow up in. In truth, though, there are hundreds of potential projects to consider. Consequently, simply getting your head around separating the good from the bad is a significant challenge in itself. Ultimately, the key is to do whatever feels right for your family’s needs. Nonetheless, some home upgrade … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Three Top Tips For Choosing The Right Contractor

Photo credit Letting someone into your home is a matter of trust - and even more so when that person is a contractor, paid to make expensive alterations and renovations to your house. Not only are you dealing with someone unknown who has the potential to cause costly mistakes, but often, especially for first-time home owners, you don’t have much of a clue about the repairs themselves. Is what … [Read more...]