Reflections on Faith and Obedience: 1st Year Living in the South

I am quickly approaching the end of my first year living in South Carolina, and in these short 12 months, I have learned so much about God. It actually boggles my mind when I think about all of things God did for me and my children in this short period of time. It all started in December of 2014 when I started diligently seeking God about my next steps. Nothing in Maryland was working out. I’d … [Read more...]

Your “Pancake” Isn’t Ready Yet: Waiting on God

In my ministerial experience, I find that many people struggle with hearing from God. Many people feel like God is absent or silent about what’s going on in their life. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. God speaks all of the time. However, are we paying attention? God taught me a lesson this morning through a very mundane motherly task. My children woke me up bright and early this … [Read more...]

His Grace is Sufficient

It has been a very busy few months. Things are very busy at the church and things are equally busy at home. My husband started a new job and is getting acclimated to his new responsibilities and little K is just growing and growing! It’s amazing how fast children grow up. It feels like yesterday I was posting a video of him first walking. Now, he’s running through the house, going up and down the … [Read more...]