I’m back! I took a little break from the blog for a while. I haven’t felt inspired to write anything in the last few weeks. The reason is I feel a little frustrated. I’m frustrated because God called me to “write for His purposes” over ten years ago, and I’ve been on this journey for a while now, but I’m still waiting for my big break. I’m still waiting for that email or phone call from a … [Read more...]

The Weekly Roundup 6/9/14 – 6/13/14

I have been very lax on providing updates for The Weekly Roundup, but I have been very busy. Here is what’s going on in the life of Throw Up and Theology! Contributing Writer to Gospel Today Magazine! I am so honored to have been asked to be a contributing writer to Gospel Today magazine. I have two articles live now. The latest is “Courtship for the Grown and Sexy.” It details how we can … [Read more...]

The Weekly Roundup 3/17-3/21

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup! This is a new theme for Throw Up & Theology that we will post every Friday. The Weekly Roundup will include all of the important (according to me) and interesting news and events that we blogged about or shared on social media during the week. The news and events will be those that pertain to my blog life, motherhood, Jesus, ministry, widowhood, parenting, … [Read more...]