Partner Post: Stop Stock From Taking Over Your Home By Considering These Alternatives

Working from home is the dream, isn’t it? When you work from home, you can get your space how you want. And, you don’t need to deal with coworkers and customers on a daily basis. In fact, when many entrepreneurs take the plunge, the ability to work this way is their favorite part. But, working from home isn’t without problems, especially when your company starts to grow. While one room may have … [Read more...]

Partner Post: How To Make Working From Home As Motivational As Possible When you’re someone that works from home, you’ll know just how hard it can be to stay focused. You won’t always feel motivated to get your work done. When you are super busy, you have work to do, the house to take care of, and the kids to manage, it’s a lot. And something has to give. So a lot of the time, you’ll find that you push your work to the bottom … [Read more...]

Sermon Preparation with a Baby

All working mothers know that you have to find new ways of doing things once you have a baby. Mommy Ministers are no different. This week I’ve been in a tug-and-war with K as I’ve been preparing my sermon for Sunday. Whenever I open my laptop and start to work, K throws himself into my lap and demands my undivided attention or he just slams my laptop shut as an overt sign that it’s time for mommy … [Read more...]