Archives for November 9, 2018

Partner Post: Why Failing To Make Exterior Exceptions Could Lead A Bad House Buying Judgement Call

When we look for potential properties, most of us judge houses by their covers. Finding a property attractive is pretty crucial in deciding whether it’s the one for you. The location also matters a great deal when it comes to settling down, especially with a family. Still, many of us take this judging thing too seriously. We assume that any issues with a house’s exterior should strike it off … [Read more...]

Partner Post: The Most Cost-Effective Investments a Small Craft Business Can Make

Starting up your own small craft business can be quite easy. In fact, you can even start up a business with almost no capital thanks to options like drop shipping and services like Etsy. However, as the saying goes, it takes money in order to make money and starting up your own craft business is no exception to this. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways to waste your money as well, and it’s a … [Read more...]