We all have fears and that fear originates from the threat of harm. Whether that’s physical or emotional, it’s important that you do everything possible to face those fears head-on. As a parent, you have influence over your own children’s fears. 

If you’re looking to help with your child’s fear, then it’s important to face each fear with confidence and the tips needed to overcome those fears successfully. Here are a few tips on how you can help your child with a specific, common fear – the dentist!

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Find a dentist you trust

Like with any healthcare professional, it’s important that when you’re picking someone to mess around with your teeth and gums, you want someone you can trust. For your children, that’s even more crucial and therefore it’s good to do your research.

There are plenty of local dentists around your area that are worth enquiring with. Always make sure to check the reviews or previous patient testimonials to get a good idea of whether it’s the right fit for you and your child. 

At the end of the day, you want a dentist who’s kind, compassionate, and trustworthy to do the right thing for your child’s oral health

Introduce them to the dentist as early as possible 

With children, it’s important that you’re introducing them to the dentist as early as possible. As soon as those first teeth start to come in, they should be seeing the dentist and getting them checked over. 

It’s common for many of those who are fearful of the dentist, that the environment is offputting. From the distinctive smell that hits your nose as you enter the practice, to the harsh clinical lights under the dentist’s chair. By getting your child in earlier, you prepare them from a young age.

Be a role model for them

While it might not be something you’re fearful of, many adults can also have a fear of the dentist. That’s why it’s important to face your fears as a parent and become a role model for your children.

When they see you in the dentist’s chair, then chances are, they’ll be less fearful of the dentist themselves. As parents, being the best version of yourself is important, and facing your own fears in general, can be of great benefit.

Provide them with a reward after 

Finally, most children are incentivized when they’re given something for their efforts. It’s a good life lesson to learn, although it’s important to give out rewards sparingly.

If your child has a fear of the dentist, then it’s worth providing them with a reward after. That way, even if they do feel fearful at first, they’ll know that they have something good coming after the appointment. Whether it’s a trip to the cinema or a small bit of pocket money.

Overcoming fears is something that’s important to do, especially for your children. Their younger years are the most formative and are therefore the best times to help tackle any type of fear, however great or small that may be.

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