The Secret Ecosystem Hiding in Your Rug: What’s Hiding in Your Rug?

Underneath a seemingly clean carpet lies an ecosystem filled with pestsgerms, and particles you definitely don’t want lying around in your home. But thanks to most rugs’ composition, you probably can’t see these infesting your home. Photo credits from: Lida Sahafzadeh ( No matter how much you clean your rug, you may just be scratching the … [Read more...]

Are You Keeping Allergies Out Of Your Home?

Did you know that most people develop extreme allergic reactions in the safety of their own homes? The thing about allergies is that they can happen to anybody and at any age. However, your immune system is more sensitive to potential allergens and toxins during specific periods of your life. For instance, children, who don’t have a fully developed immune system, are more likely to struggle … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Got a Garden? 3 Ways to Make the Most of It

Image via Pixabay It might not necessarily seem like the most obvious point in the world, but if you have a garden, you are pretty much blessed, and should by no means take it for granted or let it go to waste. For the bulk of human history, people worked the land out of necessity, not out of any kind of choice, luxury, or leisure interest. Also for the bulk of human history, the average … [Read more...]