Partner Post: 4 Things People Need To Understand About Grieving

File link When the worst happens, it’s natural to grieve. In fact, it’s healthy because it helps the mind and body to recover. Until it happens, there is no way to understand the emotions. Watching films and TV series won’t do much good because they’re too sanitized. Death is real and it impacts people in different ways. This is the first thing to understand about the grieving process. Because … [Read more...]

Partner Post: How to Overcome Your Problems in Healthy Ways

If you’re currently battling problems in your personal life, you might be getting frustrated and stressed out by it all. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to fall into those traps because it’s always best to stay calm and tackle your problems in healthy and productive ways. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but you can overcome any one of your problems in a healthy way if you put your … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Self-Medicating When Depressed, And Why It’s A Bad Idea

Pixabay We have all had experiences with depression, whether minor or major. And we've all had our own methods of coping with it. One of the most common ones is self-medicating, and this can be through many different methods, from alcohol, to food. But self-medicating starts off a very dangerous cycle, one that it can be very difficult to break out of. So, when does it get out of hand? Going … [Read more...]