Modeling Christian Womanhood & Femininity

The Washington Post recently reported on a rise in female student violence on college campuses. They reported on this because of two recent homicides on two separate campuses in Maryland. In one case, a girl tried to break up a fight at a party and was fatally stabbed by another girl. In another case, two girls fought over music in their shared suite and one fatally stabbed the other. The article … [Read more...]

Mommy Ministers I Admire: Bishop Vashti McKenzie

Photo courtesy of 13th Episcopal District Website of AME ChurchWhat better way to start my “Mommy Ministers I Admire” section than with Bishop Vashti McKenzie. If you don’t know who Bishop McKenzie is, she is the first female bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. After 200 years of a male dominated institution, she shattered the glass ceiling when she was elected and consecrated the … [Read more...]

Great Article in USA Today: Minister moms split between pulpit, potty training

This article talks about the challenges mothers who are pastors face juggling the pulpit and raising children. Check it out here! … [Read more...]