How To Guide Your Family Through A Natural Disaster

Image via Unsplash Sometimes it feels that everywhere you look, you see evidence of natural disasters. As climate change takes hold, we are seeing more and more of the effects of extreme weather cycles in our communities, impacting people’s homes, businesses and livelihoods. From dangerous flash flooding to the Forest fires which didn’t discriminate between rich and poor and even hit the … [Read more...]

Owning a Pet: What Can it Do for Your Heart?

Can Owning a Pet Benefit Your Heart? Pets provide love, warmth, and companionship. Read on and learn what having one does for your heart and overall well-being. Apart from adding warmth and companion to our lives, pet ownership also provides a number of health benefits, such as relieving stress and increasing fitness. Studies suggest that it helps improve your cardiovascular health … [Read more...]

Are You Keeping Allergies Out Of Your Home?

Did you know that most people develop extreme allergic reactions in the safety of their own homes? The thing about allergies is that they can happen to anybody and at any age. However, your immune system is more sensitive to potential allergens and toxins during specific periods of your life. For instance, children, who don’t have a fully developed immune system, are more likely to struggle … [Read more...]