Partner Post: How to Practice Faith Every Day

You might have heard that little acts of kindness go a long way. It is important that you don’t only read the Bible, but also live by it. There are many ways you can practice faith every day and take your spirituality to the next level, finding a new purpose in helping others. No matter if you are educating kids, helping individuals overcome some of their greatest challenges, or find God, you will … [Read more...]

Partner Post: What Keeping Your House in Order Really Means

Image via Pixabay There is an ancient and theologically significant idea, that one of the most important things for everyone to do during their lives, is to strive to keep their house in order. But what does it really mean to "keep your house in order," in a deeper and more meaningful sense, beyond just maintaining the structural integrity of your actual home? It's probably a good idea to … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Come Into Some Cash – What Should You Do?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Coming into some money can be a dream come true, the answer to all your problems. You could pay off all your debts, go on that dream holiday, or buy that house you've always wanted, however, coming into money can also be very stressful, and it can be hard to know what to do with it. While you decide what you'd like to do though, you need to make sure that … [Read more...]