K riding in a cab.

This weekend we traveled to Boston, MA to visit my baby brother-in-law at college and so that my husband could play a gig (He’s a drummer). This is the first time that we’ve taken K on a long trip and he’s done great! Our train ride lasted 7 hours and K didn’t make a sound. He played, ate, slept and “talked”. He was an angel. Numerous people commented on how “good” he was. I use good lightly because I don’t believe that babies can be bad. Babies are supposed to cry, make noise and poop. That’s what they do, so when someone comments on how good my baby is, I take it with a grain of salt. There is a part of me that wants to take the credit for K’s calm demeanor, but deep down, I know that I have nothing to do with it. I’m a very over-the-top, high strung person, and we haven’t engaged in any baby behavior training per se. I believe that this just goes back to what my Aunt Karen said. This is K’s personality emerging and all I have to do is nurture it. Yes, the time to train the baby in the way that he should go is coming, but for now, I’m in learning mode—how he interacts with us and the world, how he communicates, what gets him excited, what makes him sad. I don’t know. Should I thank God and beam with pride because I have good baby? What are your thoughts? Do you think that babies can be good or bad?

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