God's shaping every aspect of our lives.
God’s shaping every aspect of our lives.

I went to the funeral of my friend’s husband this past weekend, and something her father said inspired me. He talked about God’s capable hands. Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of my husband, so I just felt like writing something in remembrance of him. Hope you enjoy.

Capable Hands

“Type A” is what they say
because at the end of the day, I want to produce
I’m not used to hands off, people scoff
because I want to be in control
But, don’t you know, things move too slow
when we’re going around in circles
debating Women’s Day colors, white and purple
I want to take the short route
I don’t mean to be a brute, but I can’t be hands off

So, when I met you, the whirlwind ensued
I quickly changed my shoes
I knew you were the one
Syncopated melodies combined with mesmerizing harmonies
I danced to your rhythm even though sometimes you stepped on my toes
Thought we’d dance forever, nice and slow
But God saw fit to call you home
The rhythm is off, and we’re all alone
Feeling like I should have taken the lead

But, who am I kidding? You weren’t even in charge of our rhythm
The timing and tempo began with Him
The all-consuming Creator, the One who tries to make us greater
He tells us that He is the potter and we’re the clay
“Your arms are too short to box with God!”
And your hands much too delicate
To deal with all that is coming your way
Release the “Type A.” Let Me take the reins
Trust Me. It will work
You’ll see on the last day

Because I have capable hands
When I speak, nothing can stand
Sit in silence, watch and obey
This dirt road is the path, no matter how hard they laugh
I never told you that it would be paved
For my plans are higher and the song I have written sweeter
Than any manmade lemonade
Trust me
You’ll see
Leave everything up to Me
Put it all in My capable hands


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