Archives for July 11, 2018

Homemade Ground Turkey Empanadas

I LOVE Latin food. I love Peruvian, Cuban and Mexican food. Recently, I discovered one of my favorite lunchtime restaurants makes chicken empanadas. I've had them at least twice now, and they're great. However, I wanted to see if I could make them myself. I know grocery stores sell frozen ones, but frozen food has so much salt. I want fresh food. So, here's my attempt at empanadas. Click HERE for … [Read more...]

Partner Post: How to Overcome Your Problems in Healthy Ways

If you’re currently battling problems in your personal life, you might be getting frustrated and stressed out by it all. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to fall into those traps because it’s always best to stay calm and tackle your problems in healthy and productive ways. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but you can overcome any one of your problems in a healthy way if you put your … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Creative Fun With Your Children

There’s no time like the present to get creative with your children. As they grow, their minds are constantly evolving, and one of the best ways that they learn is through their creativity and their imagination. The sooner you’re trying to nurture that, the better off your child is going to be in the long run. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with them, and to have fun with them without having to go … [Read more...]