If you are a parent, and you want to make sure that you bring your children up in as rounded a way as possible, then you need to think about the spiritual side of things as much as anything else. If you are not focused on this as well as other issues, you might not find that your children are going to be as well-rounded and ready for many aspects of life, so it is clearly an important thing to think about. In this post, we are going to look at just a few of the spiritual lessons which your children need to learn, and which you might therefore want to focus on teaching them, so that you can expect them to be much more ready for life in the future as they grow up.

Mind Mastery

Whatever kind of spiritual tradition you follow, or even if you don’t follow one at all, learning to master the mind is a hugely important skill which all children need to learn. Many adults today did not learn this when they were young, and the result is that they have a mind which is all over the place, often without the individual in question even being aware that that is what the mind is doing all the time. In order to help your children have more of a sense of mastery over their own minds, you need to ensure that you’re helping them in this as young as possible. Even children as young as six can gain some benefits from practices such as meditation and mindfulness, and these are methods which don’t require a particular belief system to make them work. So if you are bringing your children up in a certain religious environment, then you can still make use of these methods.


At some point, all children learn about death, and this is the most natural thing in the world to happen. It is important that we each learn about death fairly early on, as it gives each of us more of a chance to deal with it head-on and in a way which can actually embolden and enrich our lives for good. While you might not want to over-burden your children with talk of death, a sensitive and well-guided discussion is no bad thing, and often this might come at a time such as a pet dying, an experience which a lot of children are going to have. However you speak of death with your children, make it clear that it is a natural part of life, and not something to be feared in the main. You don’t need to get them involved in all the practicalities such as contacting Phillip Stephens Funerals and arranging matters after a person’s death – but informing them of the natural process is likely to be effective.


Finally, remember that one of the most important things you can possibly teach your children is that compassion is important. Whatever else you might believe, compassion must be the heart of the teaching, if you are to have happy and well-rounded children.

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