Toxicity isn’t something you want in your life. The clue is in the title! Sadly, millions of people allow small, insignificant things escalate out of control. There is a reason 6.7% of the country’s population slip into depression. As simple as the solution seems, it’s not as if you can click your fingers and eliminate the toxicity levels in the blink of an eye. Diseases require vaccines; otherwise, recovery is almost impossible. With that in mind, this post has put together four of the best ways to remove toxic thoughts and feelings from your life.

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Get Off Social Media

Yes, there are good parts of Twitter and Instagram but there are also negative ones too. Reading comments about yourself is never a good idea as it makes you deal with problems you didn’t know existed. While it can be cathartic, it’s also a shock to the system and makes you self-conscious of issues that weren’t a problem before. Plus, it’s overwhelming how much hate is spewed online by keyboard warriors without consciences. This University of Michigan study proves it. Anybody who doesn’t want to remove it from their life altogether should cut down on screen time and find a substitute.



Often, toxic feelings are straightforward to deal with by using enhanced breathing techniques. If you think you already have it down, it’s not the same inhaling and exhaling you do in your sleep. Instead, it’s yogi-style stuff that fills the body and brain with oxygen and eradicates negative emotions. The trick is to focus on the sound and movements of your body as you breathe in and out. By doing this, you’ll feel the air filling your lungs and replacing the stale emotions with new ones. Whenever you’re stressed or overwhelmed, try breathing as much as possible.

Don’t Use Drugs

Pharmaceuticals seem as if they are miracle cures but the reality is different. While attacking the harmful bacteria and viruses in your body, they’ll wipe out the good stuff too. Unfortunately, they’re not very good at telling the allies from the enemies. As a result, it can kill off cells and bacteria that you need to stay healthy. Replacing them with organic treatments is a smart move because it works. Despite the name, a medication-assisted treatment program includes holistic cures for this reason. If you do want to pop a pill, always consult your doctor and try and keep them to a minimum.


Allocate “Me” Time

Toxic emotions often occur when you’re stressed. Blowing away the cobwebs does work, but it may not be the answer. Sometimes, chilling and relaxing are the answers to the problem. Of course, you’ll never be able to do either of these things without a few hours to yourself. Therefore, it’s imperative to find time to do things on your own without feeling suffocated. From exercising to reading a book, make sure you have activities that don’t need you to rely on anybody else.

Warding off toxicity is about putting yourself first. Only then will you achieve the desired results.

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