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Travelling is stressful enough let alone with babies or toddlers. To avoid losing your sanity, keep reading this guide as it contains helpful tips that will allow your journey to run as smoothly as possible. 

Set an alarm and get to the airport early 

Nobody wants to replicate those chaotic scenes in Home Alone by waking up late and rushing to the airport. Being on schedule is key if you want to avoid giving yourself stress. Ensure you set an alarm so you have a good amount of time to get ready and make last-minute checks before leaving the front door – you don’t want to leave anything behind. Get to the airport a few hours before your flight as this leaves plenty of time to go through security. 

Plan ahead

Make a packing list with all the essentials like milk, toys, diapers and snacks (read more on healthy snack ideas) Confirm you have all the necessary documents like visa and parking permits. Remember to check if you can park for free at the airport, otherwise, you will be left with a hefty fine. TicketBust traffic ticket busters  can help you take action if you’ve been given a ticket. 

Be prepared to face judgy strangers

Unfortunately, some people fail to understand the hassle of travelling with young children, and therefore, you should not expect help from most people or sympathy. You may receive complaints or a judgemental side-eye from a few people when Junior is screaming his head off because his ears hurt. Brush this off your shoulders and don’t let these people get the best of you. They are ignorant and that’s all there is to it. However, there are good people out there who spread acts of kindness and will offer to assist you if they see you are struggling. 

Schedule your flight at a specific time

Book a flight for when your baby will be asleep or for when he is likely to be in a happy mood. If you’ve already booked your flights, ring up the airline and see if you can transfer onto another. 

Pay attention to your child

Please don’t ignore any signs of tiredness as this could, later on, result in a full-blown meltdown right in the middle of the flight! You’d also do best to postpone sleep training for now. 

Replicate your bedtime routine

Doing small things like changing your toddler into their pyjamas, reading them a story and offering a bottle will recreate your at-home bedtime routine and this will make sleeping a whole lot easier for them. 

Don’t resort to drugging

Sedating children to make them sleep during flight is not good. Popping a sedative will not always result in the child nodding off to a night of deep sleep, it can instead result in nasty side effects. There really is no excuse for drugging your children on flights when there are countless other methods you can use to get them to sleep. 

To Summarize,

Travelling with young children is challenging but it can successfully be done. If you adhere to the above your trip is guaranteed to run smoothly.

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