Interested in Advertising on Throw Up and Theology

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Throw Up and Theology. This is a new blog, but we are steadily growing each month and my readers are becoming more engaged every day!

According to Google Analytics, we receive approximately 300 unique hits per month. Please see below for recent statistics.

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Social Media Statistics

As of November 9, 2015, we have 341 “likes” on our Facebook page, 421 friends on my personal Facebook page, and 1,224 followers on Twitter. We make use of Google+.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Blog Roll Link: $20 for 6 months – Place a link to your blog in my blog roll.

Text Link Ad: $30 for 6 months – Text link ads will be displayed in the widget underneath the categories under the photo ads.

100 x 100 Banner Ad with Link: $50 for 6 months – Banner ads will be displayed in the widget underneath the categories above the text link ads.

Example –

Ad Example

Sponsored Blog Posts: $100 for permanent status – If your product, blog, organization, church, etc. lines up with the beliefs and practices of Throw Up and Theology, we would love to include a sponsored blog post. The post will be labeled as such.

Product Reviews: I would love to conduct product reviews. After use of the product, I will create an honest blog post about its usefulness and effectiveness.

Throw Up and Theology is growing and space is limited. Please contact me today at if you’re interested in advertising with us.