Home-buying Millennials: Three Buyer’s Remorse Triggers

Millennials sometimes regret buying homes. If you're getting cold feet because you fear getting the same feeling, don't back out. Rather, watch out for the triggers. It’s no secret that millennials aren’t the most eager generation when it comes to home ownership. Not only are they shying away from getting their own property, but they feel regretful when they do secure one. A … [Read more...]

Spiritual Nuggets from a Brewery 

God is always speaking - even through a brewery. *Disclaimer: I am not a beer drinker. This post is not about alcohol. I am not promoting alcoholism. I have been a volunteer speaker for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for five years. My husband’s death was an indirect result of him being hit by a drunk driver. I promote responsible drinking as a MADD volunteer, and as a minister, I look to … [Read more...]

Sixteen Ways To Toddler Proof Your Home

When you have toddlers at home, you want your home to be as safe as possible for them. Kids can be prone to accidents, but you can make your home safer for small children with a few upgrades and small renovations.  Image Fit a stair gate at the top and bottom of the stairs and keep them locked. A fall down the stairs could be very nasty, so don’t skip the stair gate. Cover sharp … [Read more...]