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Being a widow can bring a lot of big life changes but can also add in responsibilities you didn’t even think about. If your partner always puts the bins out then it is something you will need to start doing, if they always fixed your car and you know nothing about cars then you will need to start looking for a mechanic who will be able to do this in the future for you. It comes with a lot of hard times but finding a good support network and taking on the new responsibilities will help you grow as a person. 

Think About Replacements And Monitoring

There are certain things in your house that you will have to check occasionally to make sure they work and to make sure they don’t need replacing. If you have fire or smoke alarms you will want to occasionally check they still work and the batteries haven’t run out. In the winter time, there are other things you will need to check like if your boiler works and if not you will need to get a specialist out. You will also want to check your windows for draughts and sealing and make sure they are in good condition otherwise you will want to get in touch with a window replacement company. You will also need to monitor things like the security of your house and if your alarm system is working well. You may also want to look about renewing things in the house and getting a new kitchen or bathroom fitted.

Invite Friends Over

It can be a very lonely time. When you become a widow, people flock to you at first and regularly visit to check on you but over time it starts to dwindle and you may find yourself alone a lot, especially if you don’t live with anyone else. Being social is an important element of a healthy life and mindset. We are social creatures so we need to see others regularly. You can simply invite people over for a cup of tea and a catch-up, or to go one step further you could start a regular games night or book club with people closest to you so you meet up often and do something you enjoy

Keep Track Of Your Bills And Paperwork

One of the things people struggle with most is having to go through all the bills and accounts, remembering passwords and notifying all the companies they deal with regularly. It can be a very stressful time in life so be sure to try to be organised and keep it all in a folder. That way you can make sure you have all the information you need and won’t have to keep resetting passwords or missing bills. In a truly challenging time like that, you don’t want to miss bills and have people call and chase you for payments and bills to be settled. If you aren’t sure about it, get a family member to help you so you can get it all in order.

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