I pray that these resources will be of some assistance to you.

Resources for Widows, Widowers & Grieving Children

Social Security

U.S. Healthcare Marketplace

The Liz Logelin Foundation

Phillips Charitable Organization

Comfort Zone Camp

Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation

New York Life Foundation

National Alliance for Grieving Children

The Moyer Foundation: Camp Erin

Acts of Simple Kindness for Kids of Widows and Widowers

American Psychological Association (If you need to find help managing grief, stress, etc.)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Talk to someone 24/7)

Navigating Grief (A great website to help you through the process)

Kids’ Grief Relief (Resources for grieving children)

Hello Grief

Resources for those impacted by Epilepsy

Epilepsy Foundation

Abilities Network

Coping with Epilepsy (A great forum of people living with or affected by Epilepsy)

UCB Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program

Resources for those whose lives have been devastated by drunk drivers

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Resources for Moms and Parents in General

Don’t Feed Me (For parents of children with allergies)

Amber Alert GPS (A great tracking device for children, especially those with autism)

Kids and Cars (Great information on how to keep your children safe in and out of vehicles)

Safe Kids Worldwide (A host of safety tips for families including water safety tips)

PBS Parents

Kids Health

Therapy Street for Kids (Great activities for children who have occupational therapy needs)

Keeping Kids Safe At Home

Healthy Snack Ideas for Children

Please contact me if you know of any additional resources!

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