Partner Post: Making Your House Move Easier On The Kids

We all know that moving house is a stressful time for adults, but have you thought about the impact it can have on your kids too? Image: Kaboom Pics When you move home, you’re taking your kids away from their routine and their familiar surroundings, which can be an unsettling process. Fortunately, moving house is something families do every day, so there is some great advice out there to help … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Things to Bear In Mind When Your Kids Ask to Learn an Instrument

Photo Credit There will come a point in almost every parent’s life when their child will come home asking to learn to play a particular musical instrument. Music lessons at school expose them to all sorts of instruments that they may never have laid their eyes on before, but once they get their hands on them, they want to extend their practice to home as well as the classroom. Now, there are … [Read more...]

What Does the Lord Require of Me?

Yesterday, I had a meltdown. My children and I were getting ready to leave for school and work, and we headed downstairs so they could eat breakfast. Well, on this morning, my children did not want to wait for their waffles to cook. As soon as I put the frozen waffles in the oven, my son and daughter started crying hysterically. I reached my tolerance level and out of frustration handed them a … [Read more...]