It’s very easy for kids to become engrossed with gaming or even with talking to their friends online. Sometimes this can be good for them, but if you find that they are doing it a little too often, then it can be a cause for concern.

Find a Fun Activity

The first thing that you need to do is find a fun activity for them to do. The more they enjoy the activity, the more likely they will be to carry on with it. If you want to make the most out of this then it is a good idea for you to get the whole family involved. This will help you to spend time with one another and it will also help your child to feel supported. If you are stuck for activities for them to do, then why not look into sports, such as football, hockey or even basketball? There are probably free classes in your area for them to do and when you enrol them, they can even meet other kids who have a similar interest.


Active toys can really encourage your child to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. If you want some ideas then it is always great to give them access to balls, skipping ropes and anything else similar. When they have their friends come over, they then have something to play outside with and this can really help them to stay motivated. Animatronic animal toys are great for using outdoors too!

Active Toys


Be a Role Model

You have to remember that children who see their parents enjoying something will be much more likely to do it themselves. The more you workout and exercise, the more it shows them that they can have fun doing it too. If you can, you should always try and get them involved when you work out too. For example, if you love doing yoga then buy them a mat and help them to take part.

Don’t Overdo It

When your child is ready to start being more active, listen to them and always make sure that they are 100% comfortable with the sport or activity they are taking part in. If you know that your child is overdoing it, then you should encourage them to slow down and try something a bit less vigorous. The last thing that you need is an injury on your hands because this can cause them to lose all motivation.

A New Bike

Kids love the idea of being bought something new, so why not surprise them with a new bike?

When you do this, you can help them to feel energised and you also give them a reason to get outside. If you can, also make sure that you go out on bike rides with them. You can talk about nature, see how many animals you can spot and even try and teach them about the different plants that grow in your area. This will help them to gain additional interests that will continue to support their physical activity.

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