Partner Post: Your Health Should Become An Automatism

Being healthy is a natural state of your body. Being healthy demands efforts, motivation, and control. For those who struggle with a life-threatening health condition, the battle is real, and they understand exactly what it means to invest in their health. They can’t afford not to; otherwise, they put themselves at risk of complications. But for anyone else, being healthy is a given. As a … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Don’t Panic! What To Do When A Child Falls Ill

Parents tend to panic when their children exhibit the slightest signs of being unwell - they become startled at a cough or sniffle, and go into panic mode when they realize their child could actually be coming down with some kind of illness. It’s normal for parents to panic, however, this will only serve to cloud your judgement and panic your children. Children are extremely intuitive, and they … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Health Checks Women Should Carry Out

Source Everyone has to carry out regular health checks of some sort or another. We need to attend dental appointments. We need to check in with an optician. We need to head to the doctor if we are feeling unwell. But there are various health checks that tend to be more specific to women. It’s important that you carry these out! Here are a few to work into your routine. Cervical … [Read more...]