Partner Post: 5 Fab Ways to Encourage Learning Through Play

Education has changed an awful lot in just a generation. Years ago, young children spent their time at school playing, crafting and having fun. It wasn’t until they were older that homework and exams challenged them and they certainly weren’t expected to be able to read and write more than their names before they started school. Nowadays, children as young as five and six face end of year … [Read more...]

Partner Post: The Most Wonderful Things About Parenting

Being a parent rocks! Most of the time, anyway. Admittedly, there are the downsides… *The screaming tantrums (no matter how old our children are), * The worries that come when they are feeling unwell, * The dirty diapers, * The endless demands of "I want"... But they are always, ALWAYS offset by the many wonderful things about parenting. It's a joy, most of the time, despite the … [Read more...]

Partner Post: Life Milestones That Every Parent Dreads

Like it or not, your kids will reach many milestones during their lives, and you can use those instances as a gauge for assessing their progress and maturity. Unfortunately, your little ones are not going to remain children forever, and so you need to welcome all these milestones and ensure you don’t hinder them. Still, there are certain stages in a child’s life that every parent dreads. With that … [Read more...]