Being a parent rocks! Most of the time, anyway. Admittedly, there are the downsides…

*The screaming tantrums (no matter how old our children are),

* The worries that come when they are feeling unwell,

* The dirty diapers,

* The endless demands of “I want”…

But they are always, ALWAYS offset by the many wonderful things about parenting. It’s a joy, most of the time, despite the transition from baby to toddler and the terrible twos, those terrifying threes, and formidable fours! It’s a joy, no matter how old they are – even when they hit those demanding teenage years and you ask yourself if it was all worth it! But it is worth it. Parenting is wonderful, and we are here to remind you why.

You have brought life into the world

From the moment your child is born, you realize that you have made a difference to the world. Looking at your little chap (or missy) in their Blue Sky Scrubs, you will realize that you have created this wonderful life. You have created a legacy; somebody to carry on your genes and the lessons you have taught them long after you have departed this mortal coil. You have brought a new life, and that is one of the most wonderful things any of us can do in this world.

Your child will make your heart burst

Well, not literally, despite those terrible twos we mentioned. Rather, your heart will burst with love. That moment when they finally open their eyes and look up at you awe and wonder. The moment when they finally begin to stand on their own two feet, both as a toddler after months of crawling, and later in life, when they become independent. The moment when they tell you they ‘love you,’ be that in words or those scribbled notes they leave on the dining room table. Those many moments when they do something wonderful, and you realize that this is the person you gave birth to; you have gifted the world through the gift you delivered yourself.

You will thrill at your child’s imagination

You will be inspired by their boundless creativity. Even when they empty your laundry basket to create their magical fancy-dress costumes, of dragons and princesses, you will still be awed at the imagination they possess. The games they play in the garden have more creativity than the programs you watch on the television. Your child’s ability to turn the mundane into something really quite special will surprise you. And rather than standing by the sidelines, you should take part in their games and fantasies. Be the Fairy Godmother who sprinkles magic with a twig your kids found in the garden. Be the super-villain wearing the mask your children made from an old cereal packet. Join in and let your imagination soar to new heights, as you bond with your children.


You will discover skills you never had

If you didn’t have the ability to multi-task before having children, you will after they are born. The jobs you have to do are nearly endless, but somehow you will get through them. You will find ways to organize your life, do the chores, feed the kids, and still have time to read them a story at the end of the day. Parenting is tough, but you will find strategies to help you cope. You will become an expert in craft, helping your children with all of their homework projects. You will become creative in the kitchen, trying to find new ways to get your children to eat their greens. You will become a whiz with a needle and thread when your children come in from play with yet another rip in their clothes. In short, you will become Wonder Woman – both literally when you role play with your kids, and metaphorically when you become enriched with the many talents you will discover.

You will want to become a child again

Your child’s enthusiasm for everything around them will make you regret becoming an adult. The way they see new things with childlike wonder. The way they get excited about those things you used to thrill to, such as Christmas morning, or the start of a school holiday. The way they wander through the world without a care in the world, enjoying life without the worries that befall many an adult. You will see these things and wish you could return to their childlike state, and then realize that you can, because sometimes, you don’t have to let adulthood rule the way you think and feel. You do have the capacity to regain your lost youth, like Peter Pan, enjoying life, rather than letting the serious business of being a grown-up get in the way of fun!

You will be the proudest parent of them all

Your child will achieve many things in life, and as the good parent you are, you will be on the sidelines cheering them on. The moment they finally manage to feed themselves or go to the toilet without your assistance. The moment they walk through the school gates for the very first time. The moment when they win a school award, and the moment when you display it in your home. Those moments when they win a race, score a goal, make a new friend, or do something nice for another. Those moments when they battle through adversity, overcome obstacles, and better themselves. Those moments when you can tell everybody how wonderful your child is, that person you gave birth to, and what you have done to help them on this path. Giving thanks to God for this bundle of life that swells your heart with pride, you will be the proudest parent of them all!

Despite the heartache your child will bring. Despite those moments when you get stressed and frazzled. And despite the many ways your life will change, you will value the wonder and joy that comes with being a parent. Your love for them will never fade, and you will be glad you climbed onto this emotional rollercoaster when you did. Parenting is wonderful, and we hope you are able to appreciate that fact today.

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